is a Brooklyn-based photographer. He has won numerous grants and awards, and his work has been widely published and exhibited internationally.
Santa Maria, 2021.

SUBURBAN GEOMETRIES 1998—present (ongoing)

Suburban Geometries is a long-term project which explores the formal qualities of the suburban landscape. I’m interested in the graphic aspects of architecture and designed landscape, the intersection of competing planes, colors, textures, and light. I often compose across neighbors’ yards to invite comparisons of houses, plantings, cars, mailboxes, trash and recycling bins.

Westlake, 2024
Santa Maria Driveways, 2008

These compositions explore how we compete and harmonize with our neighbors. As this project has evolved, I’ve embraced the spatial tensions between the quiet symmetries and accidental geometries of shadow, line, and color hidden in everyday suburban lives.

The work shown here was mostly taken in California—in Westlake (near San Francisco), Santa Maria on the Central Coast, and Sunset Beach (near L.A.) . For the past decade, I have also documented the suburbs of other cities, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Seattle, New Smyrna Beach, FL, Washington, D.C., and my home, Brooklyn.

I've divided up the images into categories somewhat based on subject matter: Grids, Basketball, House & Car, Flora, Car Windows, Cats & Dogs, Details, Splits, Mosaics, and Xmas.

Santa Maria, 2023.
Santa Maria, 2023.


A nod to the formalist typologies of Bernd and Hilla Becher, California style in color.

Bernal Heights, 12-Up
Bernal Heights, 12-Up, 2003, 2009.
  •  Bernal Heights, 12-Up, 2003, 2009

    Bernal Heights, 12-Up, 2003, 2009

  •  Santa Maria Driveways, 2008

    Santa Maria Driveways, 2008

  •  Twin Peaks 9-Up, 2009

    Twin Peaks 9-Up, 2009

  •  Westlake Grid, 2013, 2018

    Westlake Grid, 2013, 2018


Hoops for suburban layups are in many driveways or curbside.

Santa Maria, 2019
Santa Maria, 2019.


Automobiles add another dimension to our homes, a social statement, a box of color that extends the domestic landscape beyond the house.

Westlake, 2024.
Westlake, 2024.


The play of dappled light on a rectangilar trace of last night's frosted glass is my kind of great discovery.

Santa Maria, 2023.


The Secret Suburban Life of Pets. How Much Is that Doggie in the Window?

Santa Maria, 2023.
Santa Maria, 2023.


Closer compositions.

Westlake, 2019
Westlake, 2019.


I think of these photographs as a bento box view of suburbia, with the grid of rectangles and triangles stacked together like an interlocking tetris.

Westlake, 2013
Westlake, 2024.


Plants, flowers, and landscaping as the defining subject. Often I felt a frisson of synethesia as the textures grated into the grids of different colors.

Santa Maria, 2024.
Santa Maria, 2024.


Property lines most often are strongly delineated, but sometimes landscaping overflows.

Santa Maria, 2011
Santa Maria, 2011.


Christmas decorations can create an accidental visual rhythm to compositions.

Santa Maria, 2023.
Santa Maria, 2014.