is a Brooklyn-based photographer. He has won numerous grants and awards, and his work has been widely published and exhibited internationally.
Me with my son Max, pandemic style, no haircuts in 1 year.
Pandemic father and son need haircuts.


My first camera was a Brownie, then came an Instamatic, an Olympus Pen, and then I got my father's vintage Nikon F manual SLR with a 50mm f1.4 lens. No meter. No battery. Manual everything. Built like a tank. The camera of the Vietnam War.

Late 1960s with my parents.
Pierrot at the Custom House, 2008
Early 80s, Chevy Chase
Mid 80s, Rockville. My mother gets photo credit for this mother and sons composition I set up in college with my brother Mark.
Self-Portrait, Early 90s, Solarized

My photographs have been published in dozens of international publications, books, and catalogues, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, CBS Mornings, BBC TV, Financial Times, The Guardian, Harper’s Bazaar, The Sciences, Harper’s, Chronogram, Hamptons Magazine, Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Sculpture, Lucky, The New York Observer, Quest, Time Out NY, Tokyo Journal, Kyoto Journal, Look Japan, Photo Metro, ANA Wingspan, Milieu, The Brooklyn Rail, Shots, Redivider, among many others.

Bush Tartans, Pittsburgh, 1983.